May 14-16, 2025
China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center
-- days until opening

China's leading trade-fair network

No other trade fair benefits from being embedded in a China midwest cluster as much as Wuhan International Industry Expo. Wuhan International Industry Expo attracts international and local market leaders from the industry, showcases products, and addresses all important target groups. In doing so, it creates the best communication and business environment for both sides.

High-quality services and international standards
We have been organizing events in China very early, but also have a great deal of experience with industry experts in China. This allows us to provide you optimum trade-show efficiency and expertise.

Industry and marketing know-how that is difficult to emulate
We get support from both the government (SIIEF) and associations such as China Electronics Standardization Association, SAE International, China Power Supply Society (CPSS), the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (ZVEI) and many more.

Outstanding supporting program
With the help of associations and other industry partners, Wuhan International Industry Expo also features special lectures that are tailored to meet the market’s needs. Speakers include experts, executives and researchers from leading companies and scientific research institutions. This much experience, knowledge and expertise is not available in this form anywhere else.